July the Third

  • Can’t find my belt
  • New pants dont fit
  • Ants have followed the electric plug in for my car and swarmed into the Volt
  • Drive the truck to work
  • Realzied work id was left  home and lunch still at home
  • Drive 25 miles back home
  • Left house key at work
  • Break into the house to get extra key and work Id and lunch
  • Drive back to work
  • Almost out of gas
  • Can’t log in at work, might not be able to get paid
  • Hours on the phone trying to do manual time sheet
  • 34.19 in fraud on my American express, second time in a week
  • Five transfers between Amex departments to tell me can’t file fraud claim until bad transaction cleared
  • Cancel amex card, 7 to 10 days replacement
  • 3rd time in a row old IRA tries to pull from closed account after 3 calls to fidelity
  • Bad news from attorney on alethias car crash
  • Accidentally took additional dose of meds for the day
  • Nothing to wear but swim trunks … no clean underwear
  • Stratocaster won’t stay tuned while trying to jam some blues in the garage at 100 degrees
  • Grandson says papa is mean and he loves Nana more  😥

Still joking with my kids and my lovely wife…. long life “decades” talk with oldest …. finally got the filet of fish I was craving.   Happy independence day!!!


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