Lost 20 Pounds so far…

July 28th I was at 272.8 pounds. Kids and Aletha had hit me with enough colorful metaphors about my biggness….

Started back on the LCHF diet and did that thing – weighed in a week later to keep from being frustrated with any immediate results (or lack of results). A week later I was well under the 3 pounds I hoped to lose.

Today I’m at 251.6 down 20.2 pounds.  3 weeks later.

Not everyone can eat less than 5% (or less than 20g) of carbs per day. A Burger King original chicken sandwich (my fave!!)  has 48g carbs alone.

Sometimes I’ll just get a bite of something carby that I want. Just gotta do the math a bit.

Another big thing is eating half a plate of food. We Americans tend to finish a plate per meal, but about 1/3 will usually do.

There’s all my secrets!





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