Mission Statement


Completely utilize emerging users via flexible meta-services. Uniquely enable integrated outsourcing without holistic technology. Dynamically enhance sticky models via multifunctional expertise. Rapidiously envisioneer high-quality initiatives.

Dynamically provide access to technically sound infrastructures with innovative best practices. Enthusiastically actualize plug-and-play relationships with robust solutions. Seamlessly reintermediate open-source methodologies via world-class infomediaries. Proactively.

Intrinsicly fashion top-line intellectual capital for technically sound resources. Efficiently.

Progressively build value-added informata modeled after cutting-edge resources. Credibly reintermediate backward-compatible outsourcing with functionalized technology. Dramatically productize seamless collaboration and idea-sharing via leveraged portals. Phosfluorescently.


JUST KIDDING!  I found this Google App called “Corporate Ipsum” and started playing with it. Sounds like some of the actual business plans I’ve read. …



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