It’z been a few months, huh?13567410_10154206696560256_8019694918076731360_n

(( Have no fear – – Aletha is our official family Facebook historian, you’ll find plenty of recent pics and posts on her FB site   ))

2016 Update:

Contract with Hagee Ministries ended and I’m back in the software engineering contracting world. I worked with four agencies, but KForce came thru with the best long-term career match! Love my new job, back “on base” again.

8796_src.. been in a writing and composing slump for quite a while. Trying to break that cycle . . . . so I dusted off the keyboards and guitars and built a new music and writing miniPC  that fits in my pocket…. >>

Best tunes I’ve written lately are Easy, Dust Off (Idea 1.0) and  IMMINENT (which is kinda videogamy).

Otherwise, work continues only in my head on both “The Gatewood Incident” novel and “Dreamscapes” novella collection. Amazon’s CreateSpace Self-Publishing service has been patiently holding my ISBN number and draft manuscripts for years.

Grandson Aiden is growing up so fast!

  • Jon



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