Human Weather

Waiting for this rain that we are supposed to be having, I began thinking about forecasts and predictions, and how it applies to human nature.

At first, we were due for heavy thunderstorms in the area from 11am to 5PM. I checked back on, and it was moved to scattered storms from 1PM to 7PM. Checked back just now at 2PM, and come to find out , we MIGHT be an isolated storm at around 5PM. There’s much worse weather out there, I find as I search….


How could our forecast today be off by so much? From what I understand, It’s because weather forecasts attempt to predict the outcome of millions of things going on in the real world.

I have been watching people behave the same way, but it pertains more to predicting other’s behavior.

We tend to think the worst of people when they have disappointed us, predicting the worst and hunkering down for more. We peer out from the safety of shelter when the worst never hits, and still keep a watchful eye for something bad to happen, perhaps still presupposing something will still hurt or disappoint us.

The truth is, we leave out the strong possibility of change. We leave out the reactions of reality getting boots on the ground. We forget that God whispers new directions on the wind and brings the wonderfully unexpected.

IF you think people are immutable and generally fixed and predictable, you are bound to predict some tornados when actually a sunny day is ahead!




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