Who wants to fight?

  An ego is such a fragile thing to be also so resilient and tough. A comedian on the radio yesterday said at some point everyone is a bully and at some point everyone is a victim of bullying. 

I think it’s that fragile but infinitely defensible ego that drives people to push others around, bully and start fights. Ego, insecurity, ignorance and fear.

Ego because we are driven to gain – as a measure of our power – and there’s no limit to how much ego one can have. 

Insecurity makes people attempt to control others in order to reign in fears that could otherwise be controlled by the options that knowledge provides. 

You want to win and sometimes your only choice is force, be it soft power or a Deebo level physical threat. Win at any cost, right? Why not  “win-win, with the appropriate amount force!?” 

 We can only hope conscience is there to limit the application of that power. When conscience is missing terrible things happen, so please apply your power in the world  thoughtfully and appropriately. 

I sure am trying to. 



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