Smog Man vs. Environmental Man

Those of you who know me from Francis Howell High School may remember I drew a comic in the school paper called “ENVIRONMENTAL MAN”. An occasional guest SuperVillan was SMOG MAN, drawn by David Mowry.

SMOG MAN’s ally was FLAG MAN, who held up traffic to increase smog in the world.

It’s ironic that, today April 2, 2015, while stuck behind construction traffic and flagmen in San Antonio, I am driving my Chevy Volt electric car to work with three different sets of solar panels in the back, and driving along side tank-sized family SUVs occupied only by soccermoms.

I chuckle to myself and look up to see if SMOG MAN is hovering ominously above all those cars on HWY1604, his smog-based propulsion pack recharging, sucking up the fumes ready to unleash his ASTHMA ATTACKS and SMOG WARS on the unsuspecting population of San Antonio….




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