Senior Pastor’s wife Diana Hagee spoke at our luncheon the other day, and asked if Jesus Christ himself appeared in your workplace and looked over your shoulder, could you say you were truly doing your best work for Him?

It really doesn’t matter if you work at a ministry like I do, the question is still relevant.

We as humans are not 100% efficient at anything, but I would venture to guess your focus level and goof-off-ratio telegraphs your efficiency and output. More profoundly, I would say your MOTIVATIONS for working drive your output, quality and results.

If Jesus were to appear, I might be on WordPress blogging like now or otherwise goofing off a bit, but I could honestly say my motivations and goals are in the spirit of what He would want.

Ironically, while typing this, the Director of Software walked in and looked over my shoulder. Does this make her an Angel?




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