Ode to Maxwell and Kepler

…oh and also Jules Verne, all of which are part of the concepts behind solar sailing.

I am sitting at Valmark Chevy waiting to get my car back, thinking what I might be driving if it was 2415 instead of 2015.

Kirby in the showroom gave me a tour of the new futuristic Corvette stingray. That’s pretty nice.

But sitting in the waiting room I am mentally constructing my solar sailing ship, then later unfurling its golden foil while in orbit after a short shuttle ride. After an initial boost from an orbital reflector, I’m in open space, tacking the solar wind in order to make my turn so that I’ll be all set to fly on to Mars, the slow way with a spectacular view every day…

Solar sail https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_sail



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