SHock and Awe

Been a day of conflict and reflection.

I’ve always been fascinated with the fine line between persuasion and bullying, directness and rudeness, vision and insanity.

I think your ability to fairly accurately self-evaluate, the strength of your conscience (and guilt!), and your capacity for empathy either build up to a foundation for good character or spiral down into self-destructive delusion.

In the span of a few hours today I’ve seen indifference, determination, angst, diplomacy, rudeness and sarcasm. I’ve dished out some not-so-subtle immutable demands at the same time closed with pleas for reason and fairness and consideration of both sides. I believe this to be the basis of “tough love.”

orangenukeSo why do folks think being the loudest in the room is a winning strategy? Shock and Awe is for war, not personal and office relationships! Hence my first post today on “How to Win all the time”. Friends, I sincerely hope you DON’T follow the advice and just keep justifying yourself instead of growing and learning. You might just justify yourself into a nice lonely world where you know you are Right and have Won, but you’ve in fact lost everything.

Please check out this article, i found it timely today!